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Supersized: Everyday Objects Get Bigger and Bigger

During my years of business travel, I noticed that passengers waiting to board airplanes had become increasingly obese. Some passengers even needed to put the armrest up on the adjoining seat and use a double seat belt to go around their large bodies. “To keep pace with Americans’ expanding waistlines, everything from ambulances to movie […]

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The weight dilemma

Most of us diabetics know that losing weight is critically important to us. Some of us in the pre-diabetes phase can even reverse the trend by losing weight. Much has been said and written on this topic and somehow we HAVE to pay attention. I call everyone’s attention to “The Fat Trap” by Tara Parker-Pope, […]

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A dieter’s best friend

Our bodies are truly amazing! They use fat as their preferred storage medium for future energy. Just like a car stores gasoline in its tank to be used for trips before the next fill-up, the human body saves fuel for needs in the future. It’s the law of physics, conservation of matter, that governs what […]

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Diabetes management games

For years I’ve been trying to make a game out of managing my diabetes. It’s sometimes challenging and I’ve found ways to amuse myself by being playful about my disease. I know that losing more weight could be beneficial to me so I challenge myself to reach a goal. For several months I’ve been trying […]

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Power over your eating

I recently read about a strategy for controlling the amount of food eaten at a meal. The advice is to leave the table “gently hungry”. This made sense to me since my body is slow to send me the message that I’m full and as a result, I eat too much. Over my adult years […]

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My weight kept increasing

I grew up in a small town where partying was common, starting about age 14. Most of my friends drank beer and some got drunk from time to time. I found that eating chips or other high carbohydrate foods helped overcome the drunken feelings. So, partying for me was about over drinking and eating. By […]

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