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How’s your joy level?

As I’ve traveled and spoken with groups of fellow diabetics, I frequently wondered how to measure my joy level. I wondered what percentage of the time I’m feeling joyful. And the reason of course is that my goal is to be joyful most of the time. Others have told me that they too would like […]

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Everyone wants a Joy Meter

For regular readers of my blog site, you may recall that my focus is on approaching my diabetes care with joy. This is what I teach and what I believe. Fortunately, my niece, Tavia Ito invented the Joy Meter or Joyometer if you prefer. This is a scientific instrument that measures a person’s joy level. […]

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Joyful Diabetic presents to audiences of diabetics

When you visit my blog site, you’ll see links to videos I’ve made of presentations to groups of diabetics. For me, these wonderful meetings have been inspiring and educational for all of us who attended…me included. Please review the list below and click on the link for topics that interest you. Feel free to comment […]

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Oneonta session went well

We had a great time together last Thursday. There were nearly 20 people in attendance thanks to Sharon Wheeler, the group organizer. I began the session with a check-in with attendees sharing what’s happening in their lives relative to living well with diabetes. Their concerns were most apparent in expressions of dismay at the rapidly […]

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Support group in Oneonta, NY

Word of mouth is a wonderful way to advertise my work with diabetes support groups. I recently received a call from a person who had heard me speak at another group. She invited me to meet with her support group on June 28, 2012…tomorrow. This morning I decided to tell my readers what I plan […]

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Video messages

A few months ago I was asked by WEGO Health ( to record several video messages for distribution to their audience. The first group of messages address becoming an empowered patient. Within that group, the first topic I focused on was tips for developing a strong relationship with doctors. To view this video, please click […]

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