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Joy of Christmas

Given the hubbub and pressure of the holiday season, it’s hard to pay attention to what I’m thinking from moment to moment. For me, joy is the feeling I’m after…thus my online name, The Joyful Diabetic. Based on this, I was absolutely delighted when my wife gave me a hand-painted picture expressing how life is […]

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Family appreciation

I celebrated my 73rd birthday yesterday and it was one of the most wonderful days I’ve ever had. My day began with a trip to Great Barrington to have my breakfast at my favorite coffee shop. This is a Saturday ritual that I thoroughly enjoy and celebrating my birthday made it even better. Next, Susanna […]

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Love and appreciation

For many years I’ve taught that all any of wants is love and appreciation. As I moved up in my business career it became increasingly difficult to find trusted people to talk with and appreciation was almost nonexistent. It is with this background that I give hearty applause as well as love and appreciation to […]

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