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I love insulin

No doubt most of us know that everyone needs insulin. On the other hand, when I ask audiences to raise their hands if they’re dependent on insulin, some hands don’t go up. For most of the population, insulin comes from their pancreas without requiring any thinking or action by the individual. For those of us […]

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Stacking strikes again

When I first went on insulin about 15 years ago, I was warned that in a sense I was given a loaded gun that could indeed kill me. Experts say that high blood sugar takes a long time to do us in while VERY low BG can terminate life very quickly. Understanding these facts has […]

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Diabetes quiz about insulin

It’s always a good idea to test our understanding of insulin and this quiz provides a process that highlights our knowledge as well as the reasons behind the correct answers. I’ll list the questions plus the “true” or “false” correct answers at the end of this post. To learn about the reasons for the correct […]

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Diabetes got in my way

I had many tasks planned last Friday, July 27; however, my diabetes had other ideas. As I review my testing and insulin pumping, I now realize the culprit is I! I did what my medical team calls “stacking.” My blood sugar at 3:50 PM was 87 on Thursday, July 26. At 5:30 PM, I pumped […]

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Post low BG feeling

Experiencing low blood sugar is one of the downsides of taking insulin. I’ve even heard of people on oral medications who’ve experienced lows. My low last Thursday was memorable. When I went to bed, my BG was at 124 so I thought I’d be OK with pumping 1 unit of insulin recommended by the wizard […]

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Testing & injecting in public

When I was on oral medications, checking blood glucose in public was less of a problem than when I started injecting insulin. I’m always surprised when people speak to me about a relative with diabetes when they see me testing in a restaurant. This has historically been an opportunity to have a conversation and it’s […]

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