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My semi-automatic pancreas

For several years now I’ve been referring to my Medtronic pump as a semi-automatic pancreas. Our bodies have incredible abilities to automatically react to low blood sugar by signaling our liver to add glucose to our blood stream. Additionally, as blood sugar rises our phenomenal bodies send a message to our pancreas to secrete insulin […]

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New insertion set is super

Having had problems with the QuickSet from Medtronic (adhesive tape kept sticking to the sides of the inserter), I switched to the Mio which has a built-in inserter. For regular readers of my blog, you may remember my post, “Gratitude for support”. Please click here to read it My first attempt at using the […]

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Diabetes Self-care—Experimental

Like many of you I spent the last few years working on developing a process for managing my diabetes. I’ve learned many things about managing blood sugar and one of the most important lessons was the recognition that our process is trial and error. There is no cookbook approach to diabetes management although many of […]

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