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Peanut power

My first instance of peanut revenge came while my wife and I were on Nantucket. I ate a large quantity of peanuts and apparently didn’t chew them thoroughly. So at 11 PM I was doubled over in abdominal pain. A taxi took us to the hospital where the problem diagnosis began. They concluded that my […]

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Maintain the joy of good health

The following post is from a guest blogger, Claire Howson. I’m grateful for Claire’s contribution and encourage others to send me material. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise is important for anyone, but in many respects it’s more important to a person with diabetes, since both measures help control blood sugar. As a […]

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Was corn the problem?

On Tuesday, my plan was to hike a segment of the Appalachian Trail in Connecticut. On Monday evening, we had soup and corn on the cob for diner and I didn’t think much about the potential impact on my blood sugar. By 6:45 PM, my sugar went to 206 and thus the 3.75 units of […]

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Giving in to the draw of holiday food

I had the highest of intentions when I began the 4th of July weekend events. My resolve was eating in moderation and paying attention to carbohydrates. Starting on July 4, I didn’t do very well. My wife and I went to a BBQ at a friend’s home. The event was from 1-4 PM and we […]

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Meal plan failure

One of my biggest challenges with blood sugar management is saying “no” to foods I know will jack up my sugar. When I’ve already paid for meals, like at a conference for example, I feel “why not” since I’ve already paid. I attended a Toastmasters conference yesterday and the fee I paid included three meals. […]

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Feast or famine

As I think about my body I’m struck with how amazing it is. For those not challenged by diabetes, their bodies perfectly regulate blood sugar levels and this is automatic. When food is consumed, the pancreas gets a message to release insulin so that the resulting glucose is absorbed by the body’s cells where metabolism […]

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