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Diabetes Jamboree

For several years I’ve been dreaming about a Diabetes Jamboree where those of us with diabetes can gather and learn from each other. Of late there has been forward motion on self-care as well as peer coaches or mentors. I’m happy to report that we’re in the early stages of planning a Jamboree for World […]

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TCOYD Handout

The following text was contained in a document given to all those who visited my table at the TCOYD Conference in Albany, NY on June 11, 2011. _______________________________________________________________________________ How can I be joyful? Diabetes is a chronic disease. It never goes away. It affects every aspect of my life, 24/7. And I call myself the […]

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TCOYD– a smash hit in Albany, NY

Over the past 18 months I’ve become increasingly appreciative of the organization, Take Control Of Your Diabetes (TCOYD). On June 11, 2011 we who live near Albany were treated to a superb conference where the focus was on effective self-care…a necessity given our overwhelmed medical system. I volunteered to have a table at the event […]

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Diabetes Events

I’ve posted before about diabetes being a life-long disease requiring constant education to remain informed. Achieving effective self-care necessitates an active education program. On Saturday, April 24, I attended a diabetes event hosted by Northeast Health Diabetes Center, Albany, NY. The event was called, “The 5th Annual Diabetes Makeover.” Once again, I assembled with other […]

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Met with support group in Schenectady, NY

During a major snow storm yesterday, five brave individuals drove to the Ellis Hospital to attend a monthly diabetes support group meeting. My business partner, Connie Hanham and I were privileged to be the guest speakers at this event. We facilitated a lively discussion related to joyful living with diabetes. We continue to believe that […]

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First public seminar

My new diabetes educator partner, Connie Hanham and I conducted our first public seminar on November 14 at Crossroads Gallery in Duanesburg, NY. Connie is an astounding educator with 47 years of experience working with her own Type 1 diabetes. She’s also an RN and a Certified Diabetes Educator. Together we brought nearly 80 years of diabetes […]

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