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I feel terrible

For the past month or so I’ve been trying to control my morning blood sugar reading. I’m not doing very well with this and I encourage readers to comment with suggestions. Right now I feel as though I’ve been run over by a large truck. I went to bed last night with a BG reading […]

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Blood sugar momentum

I challenged myself yesterday by hiking a hilly section of the Appalachian Trail in Connecticut. In preparation for what I knew would burn a lot of sugar, I intentionally pumped less insulin at breakfast. When the hike began my BG was 157, a good starting point for this workout. We stopped for lunch and my […]

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Blood glucose signals end of illness

After nearly three weeks, my body has finally healed and the cold/flu I had is gone. This illness began with a runny nose and cough. It progressed to tight congestion in my chest that made coughing painful and didn’t relieve the pressure. In the final phase, I got a headache and pain in one of […]

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It’s a puzzlement

How is it possible for my blood sugar to do that? I’ve copied the word puzzlement from The King and I and it’s how I felt on April 18. When my sugar management goes astray, I always look for causes and lessons learned. It was a real challenge last Thursday. Let me explain. I awoke […]

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Hand washing

I’ve been told about this human activity since I was a little boy, but my built-in forgetter took that out of my memory. Of course that’s an excuse; however, there’s at least one VERY important reason for hand washing. About a week ago I noticed that my blood glucose readings have been erratic so I […]

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Hold it as you would a butterfly

In my travels to diabetes groups, I meet many fellow diabetics who get really angry with themselves at mistakes they’ve made. My suggestion is to be gentle on yourself, thus the idea of holding your diabetes management like a butterfly. I’ve learned over the years that a single high blood sugar reading is not meaningful […]

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