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Happiness Protects Your Heart

As you may recall, I’ve got heart disease along with my diabetes. Now that my pacemaker is doing its thing to keep my pulse above 80, my low heart rate symptoms are gone. The following article is for all of you who want to help your heart, hopefully before you get heart disease. Enjoy! _________________________________________________________________________________________________ […]

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Health care motivation

Aren’t there days when you wish strong, positive motivation was active in your consciousness? I too have motivation challenges in the ebb and flow of life. I found the following suggestions in an article, Life’s Greatest Question, by Jason M. Gracia on the Internet in 2008 and decided to share it with my readers. Positive […]

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Did you ever wonder what motivation is all about? According to Wikipedia, motivation is the driving force that causes movement from desire to action. OK. Next, I wondered what motivates me. This is particularly relevant for us diabetics since there are times we don’t want to exercise or take meds or decide to not eat […]

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Spoonful of humor helps the medicine go down

Of course you all know that the popular saying is “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” I couldn’t bear to use the word sugar and for us diabetics humor fits better anyway. What follows are selected entries from Embarrassing moments with diabetes published in the Diabetes Daily Facebook Community last year. I […]

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Embracing goodness

One of the blessings of diabetes is that it has forced me to pay attention to my body and mind. I’ve discovered that since I’m in charge of my thinking, I can think good thoughts as I embrace goodness. I know from years of experience managing my blood sugar that my attitude is critically important […]

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Happiness and diabetes

Given all the time-consuming tasks required to care for one’s diabetes, is it possible to be joyful as well? Of course, the short answer is yes…being joyful is a choice. Some people I’ve met spend time looking for joy without realizing they can just choose to have it. Real happiness is not found outside of […]

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