My will to succeed has been negatively impacted

For many years I’ve been going to doctors who checked for symptoms of diabetes complications and up until now, they’ve never found any and have complimented me for taking such good care of myself. For example, my A1C has been below 7 for nearly 15 years. This all changed last week when I visited with a Neurologist.

For the first time in my life, Dr. Zaretskaya-Fuchs did tests of my nerve transmission speed and the overall capabilities of my nervous system. Of course, I didn’t expect to hear negative news; however, she diagnosed my current ailments as resulting from severe neuropathy. She said the signal speed of nerve impulses from my brain to my muscles is very slow. As a consequence, she said downhill skiing is out!

For the past few days I’ve been feeling really low and have had various emotions like anger, sadness and despair. I have not posted to my blog site for several months and this seemed like a good subject to post about.

My current condition is severe neuropathy in my legs. The result of tests indicate slow transmission speed from my brain to my legs and the reverse as well. I can attest to the immediate loss of muscle strength that caused my hard fall while on a ski vacation in New Mexico last March. Neuropathy is also indicated in other organs like my heart. I’ve got a pacemaker that’s keeping me alive; however, I wonder about nerve damage there too.

All of this forces me to walk my talk as the Joyful Diabetic. A fellow professional speaker by the name of Mitchell once said, “It’s not what happens to you…it’s what you do about it!” So, I have neuropathy and will have to limit my sports activities, but I’m still alive and plan to join my family (Son Bill, DIL Wendy, grandsons Matt & Tyler and my dear wife Susanna) in Steamboat Springs, CO later this month. I won’t be on the slopes, but will be there to experience skiing vicariously by asking for stories of my family’s adventures on the mountain.

I can still be the Joyful Diabetic by thinking about the many blessings in this life. Wish me luck!

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