If you’ve visited my site recently, you know that I haven’t posted since July 2014. I ran out of gas and stopped blogging for a variety of reasons. But, I’ve made an enormous discovery about my relationship with my body that’s so important I wanted to share it with you.

In the past, I’ve blogged that diabetes has given me a remarkable connection with my body.  Years ago, my pancreas became problematic as, over time, it stopped working. I’ve been using insulin ever since. I’m in partnership with my body. My pump does the insulin delivery and my brain does the thinking. This process has been working very well and, as proof, my A1C has been under seven for over 10 years.

Over the past year, I noticed that periodically my eyesight becomes blurry in my left (strongest) eye. As this condition continued, I began to make a correlation between the eyesight change and going low! It turns out that my blurry eyesight is almost 100% accurate. My sight sounds an imaginary alarm in my head, “YOU’RE LOW!” For me, this is better than a Continuous Glucose Monitor since it’s built-in, automatic and doesn’t need batteries or calibration.

Our brains are programmable and anyone can do what I’ve accomplished. Another example might help explain. I’ve known for years that everyone has floaters in their eyes and that, over time, we teach our brains to ignore them. A year ago I was diagnosed with a wrinkle in the macula of my eye. I was told by a retina specialist that the condition was permanent. I walked away from this diagnosis committed to teaching my brain to ignore the wrinkled image in the center of my left eye. Subsequently, two eye tests have confirmed that my vision has improved significantly. Imagine that—my brain ignores the blurry signal and processes the clear images that surround it. Some may say this is a miracle. I say we can all learn to teach our brains to work in harmony with our bodies.