Last Wednesday, I posted my trip plans:

“My challenge is dealing with snack food since I know I’ll find chips and combos in the pantry. I love them! I plan on taking healthier snack food with me as an antidote to eating high carb foods. I’m also challenged by some foods at the airport. My resolve is to eat in moderation as I do at home.”

I’m happy to report that this plan worked. Snack food, is always a challenge for me and on this trip, I used a small bowl to measure chips and ate only that amount…Yea! My resolve also helped me at the airports as I resisted eating inappropriate foods.

I also packed greater amounts of supplies than I have on previous trips. That too worked even though I didn’t use all the infusion sets and extra bottle of insulin. Just having the supplies gave me peace of mind for the 5 days I was visiting my sons and grandchildren in Georgia.

Over the years managing my blood sugar, I’ve learned if a task is demanding, I take it as a golden opportunity to raise my performance to a higher level. Managing food as I travel is one of those demanding tasks and I’m well pleased with my performance.

For me, accomplishing my goals is a big source of joy. Are you experiencing joy by addressing and succeeding with the challenges you face?