I’m leaving today for a visit with my two sons and three grandchildren in Georgia. We see the family about twice per year and it’s always incredibly wonderful. My second grandson will graduate from high school tomorrow and we’ll be there as we were for his brother who graduated two years ago. In September they’ll both be students at the University of Georgia.

My challenge is dealing with snack food since I know I’ll find chips and combos in the pantry. I love them! I plan on taking healthier snack food with me as an antidote to eating high carb foods. I’m also challenged by some foods at the airport. My resolve is to eat in moderation as I do at home.

I don’t travel much these days, but I do have a check list of things to bring along on trips. This includes extra test strips, insulin and infusion sets. I used to assume that all the medical equipment and supplies would function perfectly; however, I’ve learned that failures can occur and if I haven’t packed sufficient supplies I’m in trouble. For example, a few years ago I packed insufficient insulin on a vacation to Nantucket. It was an enormous hassle to get prescriptions faxed to the pharmacy on the island, so packing extra supplies is essential.

I feel confident that I’m prepared for taking care of my blood sugar. I’m filled with joy as I eagerly await seeing everyone and the hugs that I’ll enjoy giving and receiving.