The 159 blood sugar reading at 5:25 AM on Thursday, September 13 started me wondering if something was wrong. Two hours later I was again alerted as my reading was 153 and that was after drinking a cup of tea and pumping 2.25 units of Novolog to cover the creamer I put in my tea.

I walked 2.5 miles at 9:40 AM. I suspended my pump to keep from going low, but my sugar was at 148 after the walk and this is a first. I’ve never seem my sugar not go down with walking even without any insulin…now I was convinced there was a problem. I pumped 1.5 units to drop my level into the normal range, but at 3:15 my sugar had gone up to 155. I took 2.95 units to drop my sugar level. Unfortunately at 6 PM my sugar was 191.

My analysis indicated either the pump connection with my body had pulled out or the insulin was bad. I replaced my infusion set and pumped 5 units to cover 30 carbs I consumed and to drop my level. I used the same insulin that I’d previously had in my pump reservoir.

At 9 PM, my sugar level astonished me by being 413. I took 7.5 units of insulin to reduce the level, but that didn’t work as my sugar at 10:05 PM was 440. I was convinced the insulin was bad and concluded that it may have overheated while traveling back home from Nantucket.

I again changed my entire infusion set and filled the reservoir with fresh Novolog from a new bottle. I woke at 2:30 AM to go to the bathroom and while up, my sugar tested at 113. Problem solved!

One of the most important skills to develop as we manage our blood sugar is problem determination and then taking appropriate action to correct the problem. Please offer a comment related to your experience with this topic.