If you’re like I am, you don’t often receive praise for the job you’re doing on achieving Diabetes self-care mastery. So, I make it a practice to review and evaluate my progress toward making my goals. I use the American Diabetes Association’s suggestion to focus on ABC (A1c, Blood pressure and Carbohydrates). Check their web site, www.diabetes.org to retrieve the guidelines.

Every Sunday I upload my data to Medtronic Care-Link followed by downloading my report card. After carefully reviewing my weekly record, I assess causes of blood sugars out of range. I look for trends in a effort to understand the overall evaluation of my efforts.

When my reports are very good, I take time to pat myself on the back…and that feels good. When my numbers are not to my liking, I create a plan to get back on target. For example, I often have high BGs when I awaken. My plan was and is to eat zero carbohydrates after dinner and that works.

We diabetics can be lonely as we wrestle with our disease. When all is said and done we are alone for the most part in our diabetes management. The consequence is we don’t receive the applause of the crowd or even congratulations from others. I’m sure children receive praise from their parents, but if you’re an adult probably not.

So, when you’re doing well, give yourself credit and celebrate. Of course it’s not suggested to reward yourself by eating inappropriately. I typically take a long, slow walk to reflect on my record. If you’re not doing this, please consider giving yourself credit for your progress and then commenting on my site.