Happiness comes from taking responsibility for our life. This is particularly true for us diabetics. When faced with dozens of decisions every day, it’s common for us to slack off and ignore our disease. And, of course this can lead to problems, not to mention guilt.

Living with full responsibility for our disease is not easy, yet taking the easy way out in the short run leads to a life that can be tragically difficult in the long run. As Ralph Marston (The Daily Motivator) says, “It’s your life and you have the priceless opportunity to live it. So go ahead and live it, with all the ups and downs, with the frustrations and inconveniences, with all the setbacks and all the joys.”

Yes, our medical team is critically important to our diabetes journey; however, when we own our diabetes, magnificent joy can result. I recommend starting slowly by owning one piece of our self-care at time. Why not start with testing since I note in my work with fellow diabetics that many don’t test enough or in some cases, not at all. Diabetes doctors and nurses suggest we test at least 3 times per day (before each meal) and that’s a very doable goal. Like few things in life, knowledge is power. When we know our blood sugar level, we can then move into decision making and treating our disease. If you’re like most of us, you’ll sense great joy when you’ve been establishing and achieving your daily goals.

For me, I love reporting to my Endocrinologist about all the elements of my self-care where I’ve taken responsibility. I view my medical team as the wind beneath my wings while I’m the one doing the flying. Try taking responsibility and know how good it feels to be in charge. You’ll be glad you did.