Like many diabetics, I went into denial after being diagnosed with diabetes. I was mildly concerned about my disease, but knew almost nothing about it and concluded that the less I thought about it, the better.

About a year later, I separated from my wife and moved into NYC. This was a fresh beginning. I even started seeing a wonderful Consulting Physician who taught at Columbia Med School. He prescribed an oral medication that was intended to stimulate my pancreas to produce more insulin.

About a year later, when I was 41, the doctor said during his post-examination, “You might make it to age 50…but you might not have your legs or arms and might even lose your eye sight!” Clearly, he got my attention as I exclaimed, “What can I do?” His rapid reply was, “You’ve got to lose weight.” I was nearly 230 pounds and was five feet nine and a half inches.

After gaining my composure, I asked the doctor, “How much should I weigh?” I will never forget his response, and I offer it here for other overweight diabetics or pre-diabetics who are reading this. The doctor said, “When you stand naked in front of a full-length mirror and like what you see, you’re there.”