How can I be joyful about my diabetes? And, more importantly, how can you be joyful? It’s simple.

My diabetes is my teacher and my governor. It’s taught me amazing things about my body—allowing me to fine-tune everything in my life from diet to exercise. If my sugar is high, I look for a cause. Perhaps its stress or maybe I have let up on my exercise regime. Or I could have caught an illness. Sometimes, of course, there’s no obvious cause. But testing my blood sugar 6-8 times a day gives me a tight feedback loop to my body that others, without the gift of diabetes, simply don’t have.

I’m rather prone to excesses. But diabetes has helped me learn and practice moderation. I can have a half a cookie or consume just one muffin a week. (I love muffins.) And I no longer drink alcohol because it just didn’t mix with my diabetes.

My mission through my blogs and speaking engagements is to show how attitude affects diabetes. Hate your disease and it will negatively affect your life. But accept it—even welcome it—and you, too, can be a joyful diabetic.

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